I love Home Massage Chairs, my top pick!

Tips on Choosing the Best Massage Chair

  • Now that you know what’s on the market, you’re ready to dive on in and buy yourself a massage chair. Below are a few tips that will help you while you’re shopping if you should find that you’re having a hard time making a final decision on what you want to buy.

    Reflect. The first thing you should do is some self-reflection. What are the reasons you want to buy a massage chair? Do you want something simple to relax in after a long day? Or are you looking for something to help with a health condition? What kind of massage would you need this for?

    Cost. It’s very important that you determine your budget. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend on this investment narrows down the list for you to choose from.

    Research. There are plenty of resources available for you to check out. When you have a list of chairs to choose from, do some research on them and compare them against each other and compare them and their to the list of reasons why you want to invest in a massage chair.

Owner Testimonials. Check out the reviews from people who have bought and used the chairs on your list. This will help you decide how each chair fits into everyday life and use. This will give you some real information on the pros and cons to each massage chair.

Warranty. It’s very important that you find a chair with a good warranty, especially if it will be getting a lot of use. You want to make sure the chair you buy and it’s parts are going to last.

My Massage Chair Pick

Panasonic Urban Collection Massage Chair

This massage chair comes from Panasonics Urban Collection Series and is designed to promote good overall health through therapeutic muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation. It utilizes the latest Quad-style massage technology and includes 4 programs that are preset for yoru convenience. These include Advanced Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Shiatsu, and the Chiro mode which is a new massage technique you will only find with Panasonic. This unique massage technique promotes better muscle relaxation, relieves fatigued muscles and improves overall body posture. The fourth mode that is included in this chair is a quick mode which uses 5 minute programs that use all 8 of the manual modes which are, kneading, Hawaiian, Compression, Tapping, Soft Shiatsu, Swedish and Full or Regional Roll.

The Air Ottoman of this chair with the chiro mode is made up of 14 airbags that are strategically placed to work on your entire body. Everything including your calves and feet will be massaged on this lower body setting. There are mechanisms in place to work out all the stiffness you carry in your lower back, hips and thighs and stretch the leg while you receive the neck and shoulder massage. This chair is designed to fit in , in every room of the house and will never appear out of place..


When it comes down to it, the best massage chair for you is one that is going to meet your needs for your body, budget and preferences. The wonderful thing about having so many options to choose from is that you can be sure that there is a chair out there that will suit your needs and your tastes.

Pro’s and Con’s of using a Laser hair removal machine to remove your hair

Removing the hair in your body to make it look smooth and shiny is what most women want. Women have got different ways to remove these hairs, like they can opt for waxing, or they can go for a shave, but the most preferred way these days the use of laser hair removal machines to remove their body hair. The use of laser hair removal machines or ipl hair removal devices to remove their hair is the more preferred method in the U.S.

laser hair removal underarmHowever, every method of hair removal has got its own benefits and drawbacks. The same goes with the use of laser to remove your hair.

The benefits are:

1)      Speed
Who in the world would not like to get their things done at a faster pace, especially in this fast moving modern world, where one rarely finds time to spend with their loved ones? So by making using laser or ipl hair removal, you can remove the hair very quickly.

2)      Precise
By using laser hair removal machines at home, you can focus on a particular area alone. Like for example, if there is any particular area that has dense amount of hair, then you can focus the laser beam onto that place and remove the hair in that place alone. You can remove the hair very minutely and accurately.

3)      Ever lasting
It has been found out that about 90% of the people who had have used an at home laser hair removal machine to remove their hair, have got a permanent loss of hair. But this doesn’t happen the very first time, it takes few sessions.

The disadvantages are:

1)      Colour Change
The texture and the sensitivity of the skin for different people differ. For the people having high to medium sensitive skin, it may turn reddish for few days.

2)      Skin burns
Just as mentioned above, for the people with a sensitive skin, this process can burn the skin for some people. You need to be very careful when doing laser hair removal yourself.

3)      Infection
This is a rare side effect, but it can occur on anyone who have had used a laser to get the hair removed. To avoid this problem, try to keep the area of the skin clean.

4)      Numbness
It is said to be the most common side effect that has been reported continuously around the treated area. And at times people can also experience pain.

One of the best machines to use for laser hair removal for home use is the tria laser, with this machine you will not have to worry about quality. The results speak for themselves. With hundreds of verified buyer reviews and a good track record, you can be sure that tria 4x laser hair removal machine will be your go to machine for permanent hair reduction.

Are you fit for the future?

People who stay active are more likely to be able to keep on working, and getting engaged with enjoyment and more over then don’t need to depend on others. These folks are fit for life. Do you wish to lead a happy and disease free life like these people? If your answer is yes, then let’s discuss about the path that leads to this remarkably beautiful life, shall we?

Fit for the future, how to get through workoutsAs I have said earlier, being active helps you in increasing your quality of life. So, what is this being active all about? Well, you have to be a fit addict, what I really try to say is if you don’t tend to use your body then there is equivalent chance of losing it. This may be explained by the quote “use it or lose it!” Once you start giving less activity for your body, you are unfortunate enough to lose it. An inactive body is equivalent to a drug addict as it could lead to heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and even cancer.

Being active doesn’t require age based qualifications. A half an hour of daily exercise added up to your routine can really make a big difference. Our body is meant to be given activity regularly and it may even improve your physic and even delay your aging process. Always sweet sixteen then!

If you tune up your body it will surely adopt itself by increasing the body’s stamina which make you to use comparably lesser amount of energy than required for a particular work. So, even if your heart rate and beat rate increases during some works, the resting time will surely decrease.

Weight lifting exercises will strengthen your muscles, bones and ligaments. Exercises based on stretching also plays an important role in improving your posture. Even stiff muscles in some part of your body could be relaxed by loosening them. Weight control is a major outcome of regular exercise as it helps you burn more calories.

The benefits of a regular exercise programs will surely be damned if it becomes irregular which rolls back all your physical changes your body has undergone during the timeline of regular practice. If you are beginner of exercise, then, start them with much lesser effort and time than you think. As you might have heard the saying ‘A single drop of water makes a mighty ocean’. Make the body to feel much less effort during the initial stages and gradually increase them from time-to-time. This is be mandatory as vigorous exercises might increase the chance of unwanted pain in the bones and joints. So, look before you leap folks!

Just finishing off a tough workout or  exercises is not enough as it never allows your body to stretch or relax after the tiresome work load. So, you have to relax the muscles and for that you have to perform warm-ups and cool-down exercises before and after your exercise session. Each warm-up must last at least 10-30 seconds and it will be good if you do it a minimum of 3 times per week.

Why can’t you try a new tip of recording and working while you think that this exercise session might make you miss your favorite T.V. shows? Make use of today’s tech and start to record your show once it starts, so that you will get a minimum of half an hour of daily practice. Once your regularity of exercise increases your life will be enriched with higher activity that will surely serves as an immune power against any disease you might encounter during your whole life. Exercise helps in reducing your day-to-day stress and may even let you sleep better. So, ask for yourselves whether you are fit for the future and start working out accordingly. Happy life folks!